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Up here in Buliisa, it’s often ‘feast or famine’ ……… at the moment we are enjoying a period of ‘feast’. This is the first crop of pumpkin harvested from our gardens.  Enough to keep Jaz, Gerry and I in pumpkin soup for a bit, and to also supplement our staff and students lunch (at least for one meal!)  David is one of our groundstaff, who has worked hard to get us to this point!

IMG_5534-001And as it was also market week (Market Day happens once a month),  we were also able to top up on bananas, cabbage and dodo (a spinach-like green). The bananas we freeze, and they make great snacks for the boys. (Yay for our solar freezer!)

We are also enjoying groundnuts (g’nuts – like peanuts). The staff are looking forward to having them crushed and mixed with their beans. I’m just enjoying them freshly fried and salted, straight off the frying pan! (They are also rather yummy mixed with rice and cabbage – makes a nice break from the beans!! 🙂  )


Grass Ladies

The rains have come, and our grass is grown again. As in past years, members of our community have requested they be allowed to come and pick the grass to take home, dry and use as thatch on their rooves. (I know, I know, ‘roofs’ is the more up-to-date spelling, but I can’t quite bring myself to use it!)

Land used to be communal, and grass was freely available. Nowadays with the introduction of land titling and individual land ownership, grass is not so easy to obtain.

Amari requests whoever wants to take grass pay a token amount, then they are free to come and take what they please. (We do also get them to sign a waiver that they are aware of our rather plentiful population of snakes, and will take care when moving on our land!)