Yesterday we tragically lost our beautiful little boy. Today, at the request of his mother, he was buried on our property. Below is the address that was read to attenders on my behalf.
Baby James came to live with us on Oct 4. He was placed in our care at the request of the police, and the family his mother Aisha was living with.
He was dedicated in church on Oct 30, and about two weeks ago, we invited his mother, Aisha, to come up onsite and live with us so that she could be involved in raising Baby James.
Last week, on November 23 Baby James was admitted to Kigoya Hospital, Buliisa, with pneumonia. He was discharged on the 27th, but readmitted the same day and diagnosed with malaria. He developed a breathing problem and was placed on oxygen yesterday afternoon, and last night hospital staff referred him to Hoima. But as there were no portable oxygen bottles filled and ready, and he could not travel without oxygen, we were waiting until this morning to get a bottle delivered from Hoima, and to keep him on oxygen here in Buliisa Hospital in the meantime. However, he passed away about 3am last night.

We are, of course, deeply saddened by our loss. He was very loved and very well cared for by our Amari staff and children. Katulinde Oliver and Mama Edin cared for him and loved him as they would their own children. Jaz, my own son, adored him, and called him ‘our brother’, and our other Amari children also loved him. All of our staff have put time and love into him.

We are very thankful that his mother, Aisha, has been with us and him these last two weeks, and also taken a very active role in his care.
We will miss him very, very much, but know that he is now safe in the arms of Jesus, that he is no longer suffering from pain or breathing difficulties, and that he is in a better place. We are incredibly thankful, blessed and privileged that we have had these two wonderful and fun months with him, and we are all the richer for it. My staff have been wonderful with Baby James and his mother Aisha, and I believe that God chose to use Amari staff to help give Baby James a better quality of life and lots of love, even it was only for a short time.
Please continue to pray for his mother, Aisha, and for Oliver, who were the two women taking the primary care of him.
Thank you for your support today, and for taking the time to help us with his burial.n our property.

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