KevinKevin had an operation in 2016 for retinoblastoma (a cancer of the eye). Unfortunately his parents were not able to afford the required followup treatment of chemo and radiotherapy, and the tumour returned this year. A neighbour of Kevin’s knew about Amari, and the work we do with helping children in our area access more specialized medical care than what is available here in Buliisa. We were put in contact with a hospital specializing in this type of cancer down in southern Uganda. However, after sending Kevin for assessment, they told us he was too weak to undergo any surgery, and sent him away. We did, however, decided to get a second opinion from the Cancer Institute in Kampala. And they have determined they will consider him for an operation, but he has to build up his immune system and strengthen body first, as he was also rather malnourished.

Currently Kevin is staying in Kampala,  and receiving ongoing medical care as his nutrition and other issues are being addressed. When he is stronger, he will be considered for the operation and followup treatment.

If you would like to assist with the costs associated with keeping Kevin in Kampala and under medical treatment, and his ongoing needs, could you can contact us, or donate directly through this link.

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