Financial Partnering


  • Lunch is provided

Sponsored Children

Amari’s core project is the education and extended support of orphaned and vulnerable children living in our village and surrounding villages in Buliisa District. Our aim is to invest in them spiritually and educationally through quality Christian education, and deliver a holistic program that nurtures the growth and development of each child.

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  • School classroom

School Buildings and Development

Donations towards capital works helps us to build the physical infrastructure of our property. The ongoing projects are school buildings and staff accommodation. From time to time there are one-off projects, such as fencing, borehole and the initiation of our solar farm. Amari has a core team of builders and grounds staff, and employs extra casual labourers during the more busy times. 

Over the past 4 years we have had an Australian team come for a couple of weeks to help with some of our one-off projects such as the fencing, or solar farm setup. 




  • Cedric and Pius down at CoRSU Rehab Hospital for surgery

Children's Emergency Medical Support

About five years ago, Amari staff came across a three-year-old child in one of our neighbouring villages who had club feet. Kisembo had never seen any medical specialists, as the transport and living costs (let alone the medical costs) in major cities was too prohibitive. Since that time, we have assisted (and are providing ongoing assistance) to about 10 children needing assessment, treatment and reconstructive surgery.

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  • A local group caring for orphaned and vulnerable children asked us to help with Gerry. He has now been reunited with his father, but lives onsite with us during the week.

Emergency Relief and Special Projects

From time to time, Amari assists a community member with emergency relief or assistance. This might be food shortage, hut reconstruction, covering transport costs for medical care or educational assistance. This assistance is not ongoing, and generally Amari ensures that family and community members are also contributing to help alleviate the situation.

Amari may also contribute towards equipment or the training of a community member, to help them start generating their own income.

We will occasionally highlight a particular special need, such the current case of Baby James, or the earlier case of Mama Sheila, who had an epileptic fit, fell into a fire, and underwent surgery and skin grafts.

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